The Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland was established in 2000 to bring together the Four Trade Associations representing the Independent Butcher Sector in Ireland.

The ACBI has over 500 members across 26 counties and is the largest Butchers Association. The Association has many roles in assisting and promoting the Craft Butchers. Training, Business Mentoring, Promotional material, Marketing Campaigns, Technical and HR assistance, Seminars, Demonstrations, Branded Packaging and Seasonal Posters are just some of the areas of support available to the members.

The ACBI promotes, trains and advises Craft Butchers throughout Ireland to help make your local Craft Butchers the best place to find value and quality.  Most butchers in Ireland are Independent, family run businesses and buying from them helps to support our local communities. The money we spend there will stay in the local area instead of being siphoned off to investors in the form of profits, and so benefits everyone in your local area. From the farmer who rears the meat to the person who delivers it, by shopping local you are supporting your community, in the most positive way possible.

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